The Sicilian Interpretation of a Holiday in Greece.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have once again reached into the past for inspiration on the direction that next spring will take, and it’s very antiquarian. Playing with shirt volumes introduced last season Dolce and Gabbana appropriated the sleeves for summer, but only just a bit. What the shirts lack in forearm exposure, they make up for in graphic print. Drawings and sketching featuring ancient Greek ruins reprinted in a palette of soft yellows, grays, and greens make an appearance on most of the day-wear and even a couple of nicely tailored suits. The collection doesn’t seem to roll as far back as one may think though. Looking closer at the prints its clear they hearken back to a 18th century world where classic art and architecture were being re-examined as forms of beauty.

The Sicilian spirit is certainly not lost as the featured prints are of locations in the Magna Greacia region of the ancient world (at one point actually appearing as a map on a shirt). And seeing as the duo are in the face of a tax scandal it may seems like now is the perfect time to take one last holiday. However, when dealing with the italian court system, one realizes there really isn’t any rush. 

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abigaildonaldson: Hussein Chalayan Fall/Winter 2013

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They are all so damn beautiful!

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